hair by camia

hair by camia

Now in Amsterdam!

as of January 2024

I am no longer taking clients in Vancouver! If you were an existing client please send me an email // instagram, and I’ll try to recommend a stylist that I think is best suited to you. Stay tuned for another newsletter in early 2024 where I will be sending all clients an update of my next visit.

Sending hugs from Europe!

If you’re in Amsterdam and looking for a new stylist, please reach out to me, I would love to do your hair! I’m currently building a new clientele and appreciate all new connections and collaborative opportunities. Thanks and look forward to meeting you!

To book with me call Mogeen Salon at 020 893 80 40



Welcome! My name is Camia, and I’m excited you’re here. Lighting people up is something I naturally love to do, and the world of hairstyling fell into my lap as a means to achieving that purpose. I specialize in curly/wavy hair cuts, lived-in colour, barbering and most of all- transforming the guest's idea of what's possible within hair. There's a lot of trust involved with hair and I aim to honour that with each individual.

I opened the door to hairdressing in Vancouver 2010. My roots were established under the guidance of mentor Christine LeBlanc at Life & Colour Salon from 2013 - 2020, where I grew to become a Master stylist. In the pivotal year of 2020 I became self-employed as a stylist at Skye Studios, and in Winter 2024 I moved to charming and eclectic Amsterdam. It's within both of these major cities I now continue to grow and evolve as a stylist.

As a creative medium, hair continues to amaze me. I thoroughly enjoy evolving with each client's personal expression, making hair breathe and come alive, while holding space for people as I create. I don’t think it’s impossible to have the hair that you want, and through conversation and trust I aim to help guests discover what’s possible! Together we create community and belonging, which are not rare qualities but so special to come by. By allowing ease of flow in my work -rather than forcing an outcome- I get to have freedom every day, and work doesn’t feel like a job, I am doing what I love!

hair i love to do

hair i love to do

Bleach Out

Bleach on every hair for full platinum, or as a base for vivid colour. A long and rewarding day to achieve.

Easy Grow Out

Highlights and colour tailored to the guests' skin tone, for blendy low maintenance colour.

Natural Texture

Working with waves, curls, smooth, frizzy, all types of texture. I enjoy cutting, and teaching how to enhance or improve natural hair. It's fun to see hair "dance."

Healthy Longevity

Dimensional colour at the root, in-salon treatments between highlighting, at home hair care, and trims every 3-4 months.

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I offer intuitive cuts and colours to all beings in Amsterdam at Mogeen Salon.

Call 020 893 8040 or

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Available for shoots as a hair stylist.

Available also as a model, with experience in front of the lens for yoga/movement, and beauty brands.

Open to collaborations with other creatives and influencers in Amsterdam!